Testimonials on Allyn Sharp from her Clients:
"When there was no hope left God sent me Allyn Sharp. I trust her completely and when I get scared about my case I think I have something they don't have: Allyn Sharp. Allyn is more than an attorney, she is a person with a heart. I should be sitting in Durham County jail under a million dollar bond but I'm not -- I'm at home with my family. Allyn will not only fight for you, go that extra mile for you, work hard for you. She cares about you and what you are going through."
"Ms. Sharp is one of the best attorneys in the area. She is very compassionate, driven and dedicated to helping her clients get the best outcome. She uses EVERY resource available to make sure that all bases are covered in a case. I'm forever grateful for what she has done to help keep my family together. I would recommend her first on any case!"
"Attorney Sharp was able to get me out of a situation that could have been looked at as a felony on my record. She looked at my case thoroughly and consistently kept me abreast of everything that she was doing. She fought tooth and nail and ultimately, she was able to have hard charges dropped with a simple fine. You best believe, if I ever need a lawyer again, she will definitely be my first and only call."
"Allyn is truly exceptional. She was very thorough with me as to what would happen before, during and after my case. She was confident in what she was saying and she kept me updated with my case. Overall she has been the best attorney I've ever had (and my only attorney). You are definitely paying for quality service."
"I was in a lot of trouble and it wasn't even my fault. The courts was looking at my situation as if I was guilty in their eyes. The first attorney I had wasn't really into my case like talking about it. Then comes Allyn Sharp who thoroughly looked at my case. She heard me all the way through. I was thinking I was going to get probation as a plea offer. She took the time to actually work my case and had everything dismissed with no fees to pay. I strongly recommend whoever to hire her. Allyn Sharp will fight very hard for you and you will just be in love with the outcome."
"Ms. Sharp goes above and beyond. She helped coach me through a very unorganized Durham County court system. She knows the ins and outs of law and how the most simple overlooked things could be game changers in a case. She really did work hard and deserves every penny she is worth especially being a woman in a man dominated field...all in all she worked wonders and knew the North Carolina laws like they're inscribed in her brain and takes her work very serious as someone in this type of profession should.She has extreme knowledge, will, and determination to do the right thing. She helps individuals that need that extra help in helping themselves. She's very understanding and will turn all these big word into basic English language. Once again, Thank You Ms. Sharp, and all your work."
"Attorney Sharp represented my daughter in a criminal matter involving multiple, serious probation violations which could easily have resulted in jail time. Sharp was able to negotiate an arrangement whereby my daughter would be required to complete a 12 month residential substance abuse rehabilitation program rather than go to jail. Based upon the result we got I would recommend her as a highly skilled negotiator and attorney. The result she obtained may just literally save my daughter's life. I cannot thank her enough."
"Attorney Sharp went the extra mile to help my son. She treats us with dignity and respect even when my son is incarcerated. Ultimately, Attorney Sharp displays loyalty, promptness and concern for my son's future."

Observations of Allyn Sharp from colleagues:

"Allyn is an incisive, compassionate and fearless trial lawyer who routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty to defend her clients. She is extremely effective at connecting with juries, and argues cogently and persuasively before judges. She thrives when handling high pressure cases, and takes special interest in vindicating the rights of clients affected by bias, prejudice and bigotry. She eagerly takes difficult cases and is able to work well with many different kinds of client. Allyn is an excellent case analyst, and is able to turn technical arguments into effective language for juries. Allyn possesses a unique combination of compassion for clients, toughness with prosecutors, and persuasiveness with jurors. She is a natural in the courtroom, and her sincerity and intelligence make her a formidable trial advocate."

-- John Donovan, attorney.

 "As a lawyer who has practiced criminal defense for over 34 years, I have had the pleasure of observing Allyn Sharp in criminal court (both District Court and Superior Court) in Durham, North Carolina, during the past two years, as well as to discuss with her various criminal defense issues and strategies on numerous occasions. Allyn obviously is very skilled, commands the respect of Judges and prosecutors, and demonstrates the right attitude for criminal defense – well-prepared resistance to what the State is seeking to get the best possible results for her clients. Allyn definitely is a lawyer I would go to if I were charged with a crime."
-- Kevin P. Bradley, attorney.

"Allyn started working with me at the Public Defenders Office in Greensboro in September of 2011.  It was immediately apparent to me that she was a bright, young woman with an excellent understanding of the law -- especially as it relates to criminal defense. In a very short time, she proved to be a very capable lawyer who truly cares about her clients. I have been working as a Public Defender for over 20 years, and she is the best young lawyer I have ever worked with. She cares deeply about her clients, and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the best results for them."

-- Wayne Baucino, attorney.

"As I look back, I reflect on the fight inside Ms. Allyn Sharp. She epitomizes what I perceive as an extraordinary public defender. She is willing to zealously represent her clients; she stays within the bounds of ethical restraints and never succumbs to the pressure of friendship or the fear of holding the state to its burden. Allyn comes to work every day ready to be the consummate professional. That includes how she acts towards others attorneys, district attorneys and defendants. It is not often that a young public defender will choose to do what is right over protecting his or her own reputation, but I have noticed that attribute in Ms. Sharp. She puts her clients before herself, making sure that every client she represents receives the best representation she can offer, regardless of her own personal interest. The commitment she demonstrates is to each and every client, not a select few. Allyn is a rarity. District Court has sadly become 'Let’s Make a Deal.' Too often our clients’ rights and the misconduct of law enforcement are swept under the rug. If we do not fight and expose the wrongs at the District Court level, we are only waiting for the bomb to erupt. Ms. Sharp has shown repeatedly that she will fight for every client assigned to her. This is what all public defenders should aspire to do."

-- Joel Oakley, attorney.

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